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Metal stamping mold how to improve the quality?

by:Fortuna     2021-02-12
Metal stamping is the use of punch and die to iron, aluminum, copper plate and heterosexual wood make its deformation or fracture, to have a certain shape and size of a process. Sheet metal stamping sometimes called forming, but a little difference. Sheet forming refers to the use thin plate, thin wall pipe, profiles, etc as raw materials. Method of plastic forming, collectively known as the sheet metal forming, at this time, the direction of the plate deformation is generally not considered. Stamping industry is a very widely in the field of industry involved, deep into all aspects of manufacturing, called stamping sheet metal forming in foreign countries. In China also have such a call. Stamping industry in China is a what kind of, how to abroad, how do we go, we all care about country this is issue of concern. Stamping of developing due to cars, planes, and the development of daily necessities. Dongguan hardware stamping mould and standardize the application of mold standard parts can greatly affect the mold manufacturing cycle. Use of standard can not only shorten the mould manufacturing cycle, and can improve the mould quality and reduce mold manufacturing costs. At the same time, the rapid economic mold promising prospects. Due to demands for mold production cycle shorter, the better, so development rapid economic mold is more and more cause the attention of people. Middle and low melting point alloy mould, spray forming mold, mold, precision molds, cascade mode, ceramic mold and light absorption model and using heat curing rubber fast manufacture low cost mold, rapid economic mold will be further developed. Quick die set, such as quick change punch will be growing. Also adopt computer control and mechanical operation of quick die change equipment, rapid test device technology will develop and improve. A: what is a metal stamping process?
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