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Metal stamping mold processing

by:Fortuna     2021-02-13
Metal stamping mold and components can be roughly divided into standard parts and standard two categories, the former can be used directly from the market to buy or cooperate with actual requirements in part of the additional work, which is mostly belongs to the cutting edge components ( Such as the punch. Stripping into pieces. Pressure plate material into pieces, etc. ) And processing by factory themselves or entrust the outside processing and mould components processing processing equipment used by varies according to its material and precision requirements. So the pressure plate for example, to explain the process as shown in figure 4. As for the metal stamping mould processing machinery equipment in accordance with the need of the processing work properties can be roughly divided into: 1. General machine tools, such as lathe milling machine or boring milling machine, boring machine trace processing machine. 2. Discharge machine such as electrode discharge machine, wire cut electric discharge machine, pores discharge machine. 3. Grinding and polishing processing such as surface grinder, cylindrical grinder, grinding machine, grinding machine, optical projection work mould jig grinding machine grinding equipment and manual polishing tools, such as automatic polishing machine wait for polishing surface with equipment dongguan stone row hardware products factory for large stamping and deep high tensile) with more than a decade of professional and technical level, can better for the new and old customers for large, is better for the new and old customers for big, thick pieces of aggravation. A: big company combination patterns in precision metal stamping market
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