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Metal stamping mold type and structure

by:Fortuna     2021-02-10
A, the kinds of metal stamping die: 1. The single process model ( Singleoperation死) Definition: in a press trip to complete a die stamping process. 2. Continuous mode ( 连续模) Definition: in the feeding direction of the strip material, with two or more stations, at the same time to complete two or more than two servings of the stamping process of punching die. 3. Composite modulus ( 复合模) Definition: there is only one station, and in the press of a trip, at the same time to complete two or more than two servings of the stamping process of punching die. The kinds of metal stamping mold is divided into three above, precision stamping factory in an efficient, stable, low consumption of material, manufacturing technology, Mould manufacturing technology) As far as possible by continuous mold production, in turn get both sides of the highest production efficiency and the maximum economic benefit. Second, part of the metal stamping mold and function: 1. On the mold base: die locking punch, guide sleeve, strong pressure spring, the effect of vibration isolation buffer, mold production process will produce larger vibration at high speed, mold base can be a buffer force, so the thickness of the mold base need to be thicker than the other templates, in the 50 or so commonly, use S45 # steel, material without heat treatment, hardness is more soft, can protect the punch platform; 2. Wear plate: mainly is the punch, mold base on 45 # steel with soft materials, if the punch prone to pit come into direct contact with the mold base, so replace with plate, set mold, hole chamfer to flash; 3. Splint: the assistant guide bush, fixing punch, also known as the punch fixed plate, the template hole chamfer; 4. To take off the backboard: locking guide pin, into the piece of the role of the stripper, surrounding the inner hole with template can chamfer; 5. Stripper, guide pin, guide the needle positioning, guide is the punch, pressure, stripping effect, can be seen from these features the importance of the stripper, stripper with the precision of the template is the core of a complete set of precision mould, precision quality decided to punch through the position of the blade is accurate, if partial precision, punch can shovel blade and cut punch, bending die size is not stable, punch through the stripper can too loose nor too tight, too loose not in role positioning, pulled too tight to the punch, the best effect is fitting, clearance generally is 0. 002 - 0. Positive to 003 mm, chamfering guide is the punch into the hole into the boards, the contact area on the back is the product material, to ensure that the template formation pressure, so do not allow the chamfer on the back, especially the box on the edge of the mouth, can use a sharpening stone bulldozed flash; 6. Template: also called the lower blade fixed plate, a fixed lower die blade into pieces, bending modulus, floating pad, guide plate, guide sleeve, template box do not allow the chamfering, the rest can be chamfer; 7. Plate: under the pad under the role of mold parts, blanking via positive cannot chamfering, easier to prevent excessive chamfering stuck waste, produce the mixture, the rest can hole chamfer, but rose pin hole on the back of the chamfering cannot too big, just pour the burrs can; 8. Mold base: under the action of the mold base and mold base are similar. Precision stamping factory to strict material selection, the high quality mould parts to provide you with the best quality metal stamping mold, with exquisite mold technology to provide you with the best quality products. Products widely used in mobile phones, computers, automotive, medical and other fields. With the skilled operation technology wholeheartedly provides the high-quality service for you.
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