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Metal stamping mould

by:Fortuna     2021-02-14
Metal stamping parts is to be on press and die plate, strip, pipe and profiles, such as outside force, to produce plastic deformation or separation, as a result of the stamping force, plate in the mold will appear in the shape you want, it is one of the main method of metal plastic processing, also belong to material molding engineering technology. With other forgings and castings is relatively are greatly different, thin and light, strength and evenness than it is. Metal stamping parts stamping through it can be made into what they want, and the density of highly sophisticated, can achieve customer unexpected effect, both from the exterior shape and density from all are first-rate. Metal stamping parts in interior decoration and furniture manufacturing is an integral part of. This is undeniable, it from one side represents a new material, new structure and new technology development level. The use of new type expansion bolt and shoot the light, for example, greatly simplifies the wall fixed process; The development of new type furniture fittings support in the box type furniture to board type furniture, etc. Constantly to understand and grasp the new knowledge of general metal stamping parts for interior and furniture design is indispensable. Metal stamping parts according to the use of the positioning and function can be divided into fasteners, activity and shake handshandle, etc. Special hardware such as furniture, doors and Windows, toilet, counter has complete sets of production. With pieces of hardware are mostly work under long-term load or repeated stress state, the material mechanical strength, wear resistance, fatigue resistance performance has higher requirements. Many hardware accessories when using the ferrous products surface, directly affects the overall decorative effect, to the adornment sex of materials and processing technology have higher requirements. Commonly used high strength, wear resistance, easy to decorative metal, engineering plastics, organic glass manufacturing hardware accessories, etc. In order to take into account the use of hardware accessories, decorative performance and fuel economy performance, often use two or more different materials to manufacturing. A: precision mold machining and the integrity of the benefits
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