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Metal stamping mould increase durability method is introduced

by:Fortuna     2021-02-08
Stamping die, it is in cold stamping processing, the material ( Metal or nonmetal) Processed into parts ( Or semi-finished products) A kind of special process equipment, called cold stamping die. The stamping die in the process of production size often lose their jobs due to abrasion, thus improve the hardware die durability appears especially important. So what's the method improves the durability of punch molds? 1, improve the design of the stamping die stamping mould design is reasonable is the foundation of improving stamping tool durability. To design a stamping die as a result, the adverse conditions to take effective measures in response to the product forming, in order to improve the durability of progressive metal stamping tools, such as the life of the stamping die design holes tend to show on the rush hole punch. When this kind of stamping die, the design should make small punch as far as possible to shorten the length, in order to increase strength, at the same time, should also adopt the method of guide sleeve strengthening protection of small punch. 2, the correct selection of stamping die material different stamping die material have different strength, toughness and wear resistance. Under certain conditions the use of advanced materials can make the durability for several times. Therefore, in order to improve the durability of progressive metal stamping tools must choose good material. 3, reasonable forging and heat treatment of stamping die parts in the choice of high quality stamping die at the same time, for the same material and different nature of the material requirements for the reasonable forging and heat treatment, is one of the main ways to improve the stamping tool durability. Quenching when, for example, if produce overheating when heated, will not only make the workpiece brittle is too big, and easy to cause deformation and cracking during cooling, lower the durability. So when manufacture stamping mould, heat treatment process must be reasonable. 4, reasonable arrangement of stamping mould manufacturing process and guarantee machining accuracy of precision stamping die had a great influence on durability of stamping die. As in blanking die due to the uneven assembly clearance, in under the action of shear force on the concave mould are always bad and affecting the service life of stamping die. At the same time, the stamping die surface is bright and clean spend low, will reduce the durability stamping die. , therefore, must be on the pitch size when processing, the assembly when the punch on the fixed plate supporting surface vertical, uniform and guide bush of stamping die spacing, guide post orientation precision grade given sufficient attention. Manufacture and assembly accuracy is higher and the working part of the surface roughness, the higher the grade, the higher durability of stamping die. 5, correct selection of press in order to improve the durability of stamping die, should choose press with high precision and high rigidity, and make the stamping tonnage outweigh the impact force of more than thirty percent. Normally, the use of the servo press can improve die life corresponding over several times or more. 6, the reasonable use and maintenance of stamping mould in order to improve the stamping tool durability, the operator must be reasonable use and maintenance of stamping die, the stamping die should be regular maintenance. Precision electronic technology co. , LTD. , dongguan city, was founded in 2008, is a professional engaged in precision metal stamping parts, terminals, hardware terminal, connector terminals, and other non-standard custom stamping production enterprises.
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