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Metal stamping parts are widely used

by:Fortuna     2021-02-14
Metal stamping parts widely used in hardware stamping parts are widely used in every aspect of our lives, including electronics, auto parts, decorative materials and so on. We usually say that the stamping is generally refers to the cold stamping parts, for example, a piece of iron plate, want to turn it into a fast food dish, then have to design a set of mold, the mold of the working face is the shape of the plate, with the iron mould pressure, they became plate you want, this is the cold stamping, is directly used mold for stamping metal materials. Almost all of the mechanical electronic products and so on of the above is useful to the stamping parts. The factory production of metal stamping parts series products are of good quality and low price, sold all over the country, well received by customers. The stamping parts for mass production, if you can use stamping process will greatly improve the production efficiency, reduce production costs. Material: the stamping material is Q235, t = 1 mm carbon steel, has a good pressing performance. Parts structure: the structure moderately complex stamping parts. The corner for the circular arc transition, hole and the distance between the edge of workpiece is larger than the minimum wall thickness, the smallest aperture for Φ 4 mm is greater than the minimum size of punching Φ 1 mm, more suitable for cutting. Parts size accuracy: all not note tolerances on the drawing size is free size, can press IT14 level determine the workpiece size tolerance. By the part drawing shows the dimension precision of the stamping parts, general blanking can be satisfied. Check the standard tolerance table each size tolerance for: parts appearance: C H = G = D = = mm mm mm mm parts in the form: E = mm F = mm hole spacing: B = A = mm mm conclusion: the stamping is suitable for ordinary cutting. A: metal stamping parts of application range
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