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Metal stamping parts city to enhance people happiness

by:Fortuna     2021-02-13
Standing committee on January 13, 10 on behalf of the team, for yongkang city the 15th National People's Congress on behalf of the people's congress the fifth meeting of the government work report, the National People's Congress standing committee work report, report on the work of the court, procuratorate work report, etc. The city manager xu, Lu Yuedong, shu-fen liou the representatives participated in the team for advice forums respectively. The government work report, Draft) Points and the implementation of the eleventh five-year plan and in 2010 the government work review, goal and main task of 'twelfth five-year' period, the work of the government in 2011, the main arrangement of three most. At the symposium, NPC delegates work seriously listened to the report, ideas actively, agreed that the work report seeking truth from facts, focused, realistic. Like pay more attention to people's livelihood security, to enhance the happiness index, especially encouraging. They carried out city 'on the five', complete the community health service stations ( Village clinics) Construction work puts forward opinions and Suggestions. Party secretary xu said the government work report affirmed the '11 (superscript th) five-year plan' the main goal of the task progress and result manifests the bright spot, is advantageous to the National People's Congress delegates appraisal, supervision and review; Evaluation on the existing problems and brings forward the measures for delegates to participate in; In 2011 the government work, stick to the party's spirit of the fifth plenary session of the 17th and the 12th five-year plan. He works on the report to give the full affirmation, and puts forward some Suggestions. Mayor Lu Yuedong pointed out that zhuhai will revolve around 'hardware city, ecological urban and rural, travel market' three major strategies, promoting industrial area to the transformation and upgrading of industrial powerful city, to improve business, tourism, manufacturing and services, pay more attention to the ecological urban and rural development as a whole, the further optimization of urban and rural living environment, strengthen the immortal culture, cat for the connotation of the humanities spirit construction, raise people happiness index, build a harmonious yongkang. Standing committee thank you shu-fen liou, director of the National People's Congress on behalf of the four, the report put forward some valuable opinions and Suggestions, and says it will according to the opinions of the delegates, further improve the previous: metal stamping industry market report
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