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Metal stamping parts common small problems and simple processing methods

by:Fortuna     2021-02-01
Metal stamping parts common small problems and simple processing methods: 1, wrinkling and folding wrinkling is stamping production is important also is one of difficult problems. Corrugate faults will cause many adverse consequences, will constitute a serious when material. Wrinkling will affect the appearance of the parts surface occurred severe, especially embodied in the coating after severe wrinkling will make the parts can't repair, lead to the parts. Activities, the reason: in the process of sheet metal stamping material imbalance, extrusion and cannot absorb. Treatment: balance sheet activities. The solution: (1) higher welding drawbead, increase the sheet resistance; 2 do crush with corrugate part, reduce the point type surface gap; (3) change of drawbead shape, such as change the round bar to bar, or change the drawbead size; (4) add shipping size, increase the effect of blank holder ring. Production temporary measures: (1) increasing press the blank-holder force; 2 in the relevant place mat adhesive tape; (3) adjust the balance blocks, cut part of the balance block gaskets, add some sheet resistance. 2, cracking and line ( Neck) Cracking in new or die debugging, cracking led directly to the parts of the invalid, strain for parts will present the limit of the cracking, through the coating after baking, materials stress release, is still likely to result in the crack of the parts, therefore, in the process of stamping production must eradicate strain of finished products. Reason: too smoothly for sheet metal activity, sheet metal stamping process tensile deformation degree exceeds the extension of the material requirements, result in the crack of the stamping parts. Processing: improve sheet activities. The solution: (1) welding drop drawbead, cut sheet material resistance; 2 improved surface finish; (3) add to Pierce a knife, add some sheet metal supply; (4) change of drawbead shape; 5] reduce the sheet edge scale. Produces a temporary solution: (1) in the crack or break line daub lubricating oil; Diction properly reduce the blank-holder force; (3) adjust the balance blocks, adding some counterweight gaskets, part of the sheet metal activities reduce the resistance.
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