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Metal stamping parts defect definition

by:Fortuna     2021-02-12
Metal stamping parts defect definition 01 rainbow effect: galvanized may cause discoloration or 'rainbow' effect. 02 / oxidation rust: exposure to the metal surface chemical reactions in the air. 3 color: the color of the background or anticipated changes, or color is not consistent on the surface of the parts. 04 scratch: a strip of shallow groove on the surface of the parts. 05 indentation: caused by sharp objects in the surface of the parts of the trench, nails can feel. 06 mark/flow mark: plating parts due to uneven coating thickness on the surface of corrugated or strip abnormal area. 07: refers to the substrate material of small pit, bending or other marks that still cannot eliminate after coating. 08 dust or grease: in the process of our manufacturing and the smudges on the parts surface ( Not clean) 。 09 spots/sand/wool: coating surface or any unexpected foreign body parts surface. Pits: 10 parts surface crater defects. 11 moulding mark: mark caused by forming mould on the parts surface process, all parts molded mark the location and size are all the same, evenly distributed in forming/bending area. Hardware products factory in dongguan hardware stamping on a piece of: raw material requirements, metal stamping parts
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