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Metal stamping parts defect reason


There are often many problems in the stamping process: the most common defect in the quality of the part is the dimensional error of the metal stamping part. Dimensional error is the problem with mold inserts. In this regard, check the design of the mold, eliminating the reasons for design and manufacturing. If the defect size is related to the material thickness, the thickness, material and hardness of the stamped material should be checked.

The dimensional error of the metal stamping parts caused by the stamping production process: mainly the wear of the mold, the poor positioning and the deformation of the parts. The edge of the mold is worn out. It will cause the burr to be too large or the size of the cut to become larger, the punching becomes smaller, and the flatness is too poor. The mold should be sharpened or replaced. Poor positioning and guidance includes no guide, guide pin or other positioning device does not work, the feeder does not relax, the positioning block wears too long, the feed distance is too long, the length of the guide plate is wrong or the guide gap is too large.

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