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Metal stamping parts, Hardware accessories and maintenance method

by:Fortuna     2021-02-14
1, can be hot cup, or other high temperature objects directly on the furniture hardware accessories ( Glass, stainless steel, metal shake handshandle, etc. ) , should use in isolation, such as the support frame, heat insulation pad, lest cause surface discoloration or blister. 2, should maintain the cleanness of hardware accessories, use the careless on the surface of the water stains, etc should be immediately wiped dry after use, often keep dry and cleaning on the surface. 3, don't use sharp, hard surface scrape hardware fittings, neutral swab applied wet cloth or wet cloth and wash detergent or detergent processing, should be wiped dry after agent. 4, the surface has serious besmirch or scratches, fireworks burn usable fine sand paper ( 400 - 500). Light grinding surface, then scrub with microfiber cloth. 5, the metal rails, hinges, hinges, etc should be in lubricating oil regularly, to keep the light lubrication. Don't hit or use the tool with good thing cut surface of hardware accessories, avoid contact with qualities such as hydrochloric acid, salt, bittern. The previous: hardware mold industry development
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