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Metal stamping parts how to choose and buy?

by:Fortuna     2021-02-12
Metal stamping parts how to choose and buy? Good metal stamping parts can be a good decoration, is also the bedroom display the premise of normal use. Hardware according to the use function can be divided into general hardware and special hardware. Common hardware according to the set mode into hinges slippery course types, decorative shake handshandle, decorative lock. Special hardware according to the set mode is divided into hardware bathroom and kitchen accessories. A, should choose sealed performance is good hinges, slide, lock. Opening and closing when the choose and buy, pull a few times feeling its flexibility and convenience. B, appearance performance of good all kinds of decorative hardware. When the choose and buy is mainly see how appearance whether there is a defect, electroplating luster, feel is whether smooth, etc. C, appropriate selection of flexible performance good lock. Can plug the key several times when the choose and buy, see shun not conveniently, switch whether ShengJin screwed up. A: on the characteristics of stamping processing
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