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Metal stamping parts in the choice of materials

by:Fortuna     2021-02-12
Material choice matters in metal stamping parts and dies for the metal stamping parts is a stripper plate, pressure or with fixed stripper plate, depends on the size of the discharge power, the material thickness is a major factor. Due to the pressure discharge die mold operation than fixed unloading is convenient, the operator can see the material into action in the mould, and keeping the stripper plate discharging toward a strip material is flexible force, will not damage the surface, so as far as possible in the design of the actual mining pressure stripper plate, and only in the stripper plate discharging pressure force is insufficient, to switch to fixed stripper plate. Metal stamping parts of hardness test using rockwell hardness tester. Small, stamping parts with complex shape, can be used to test the plane is small, can't test on ordinary desktop rockwell hardness tester. Metal stamping parts is the most commonly used metal processing, machinery manufacturing parts. Stamping parts processing is the use of mould making metal plate processing method with separation or forming. Its application range is very wide. Metal stamping parts processing, including blanking, bending, deep drawing, forming and finishing process. Stamping parts processing materials is mainly hot rolled or cold rolled ( Mainly cold-rolled) Metal materials, such as carbon steel, tinplate, copper and copper alloy plate, galvanized sheet, aluminum and aluminum alloy plate, etc. 1, metal stamping parts, material hardness testing stamping material hardness testing, the main purpose is to determine to buy the sheet metal annealing is suitable for stamping parts processing, then are going to do different kinds of stamping parts processing, need different hardness level of plank. Used for stamping parts processing of aluminum alloy plate Webster hardness tester tests are available, and the thickness of the material more than 13 mm can convert barcol hardness tester, pure aluminum or aluminum alloy plate should use pasteurized low hardness hardness tester. 2, metal stamping mold hardness testing on an article: how to improve precision of stamping parts
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