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Metal stamping parts make blanking parts do less waste as possible

by:Fortuna     2021-02-13
Metal stamping parts as far as possible make the blanking parts do less waste metal stamping is through the process of metal products. Heavy processing, metal bond, metal drawing, plasma cutting, precision roll forming, welding, sheet metal bending forming, die forging, to make the water jet cutting, precision welding. Stamping equipment including shearing machine (basic 剪切机) , CNC punch press ( 数控冲床) / laser, plasma, water jet cutting machine ( 激光、等离子体射流切割机) / composite machine ( 结合机器) And bending machine ( 折弯机) And all kinds of auxiliary equipments such as: uncoiling machine, leveling machine, deburring machine, spot welding machine, etc. And dongguan metal stamping parts is the most important three steps shears, punching/cutting, folding. The scene of the stamping production inspection process must follow the operator self-inspection, mutual inspection, the quality inspector of next working procedure in process and final product for ZhuanJian principle. Metal stamping parts and stamping parts also have a close relationship, many manufacturer of stamping parts are from dongguan metal stamping parts, know that he can fight, a better understanding of metal stamping parts stamping parts dongguan production principle and process, do the stamping industry experts. Design of stamping, in can ensure normal use, make dimensional precision grade and the surface roughness request lower grade, and promotes the exchange of products, reduce scrap, guarantee the stability of product quality. Design of stamping parts must be beneficial to improve the utilization rate of metal materials, reduce material varieties and specifications, as far as possible to reduce the consumption of materials. In the permission of using cheap materials, as far as possible make the parts do not waste and waste less cutting. A: as you reveal risk should be how to reduce the damage of metal stamping parts
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