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Metal stamping parts manufacturing process

by:Fortuna     2021-02-12
Metal stamping parts production process the metal stamping parts production process is this: in a multi-station progressive progressive stamping dies, fastening mechanic was pressing down, finish rolling forming and welding process. But it still has a very small part and stamping sheet metal together, by the workpiece after stamping sheet metal stamping and welding together into the ultrasonic surface treatment equipment, remove rust fat and welding slag. In shot blast chamber to complete welding welding beans and burr removal work. This to avoid stamping when using short circuit and electric shortness of breath is very necessary. In the second in the short time of ultrasonic surface treatment, before stamping parts quality inspection, again using ultrasonic surface cleaning technology to remove residues left behind by the peening processing. Upon completion of the operation of all of the above, stamping completely separated from blank sheet, alone together. Fastening machine quality is bad of stamping parts are placed in the waste containers, qualified stamping directly into the packing workshop. A: stamping parts processing and why waste?
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