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Metal stamping parts of new products into the market

by:Fortuna     2021-02-13
Metal stamping new product to develop the market, the main is finding into market opportunities. While looking for opportunities for entrepreneurs with observation, comprehensive analysis and imagination. Philip, courtney, 3 people in the United States to the book new competition, successful experience of Japan enterprise in the international marketing in the concrete research, thus put forward looking for opportunities in the market out of 5 kinds of specific methods. Hope for hardware industry new products listed on the issue of help. Understand competitors and learn from it. A Japanese company the competitors produce automatic dishwasher into own experiments try winter on the performance of this dish washing machine, the number of parts, such as capital structure in evaluation, and for each parts are measured, determine its design on the advantages, to understand competitors' technical ability, production equipment and sales system. On the basis of understanding and grasp the other details, design a better product performance, it has created favorable conditions for in market. Look for opportunities to ready. When selecting a good score to the target market, to find the neglected market segment, gain a foothold in these markets, to further expand the market. A creative dumping. Any product technical breakthrough in a new market is not a new product is the only factor, sometimes can also be some improvement for some products, can advance marketing ability. Create new opportunities. Refers to is not 'in the gourd painting gourd ladle' imitate others products, but through its own development and innovation, appeared on the target market, with innovative attitude to consumers the feeling of the novel, stimulate new psychological needs. To adapt and change the customer's interests. Hardware products in the market should not only know what consumers demand of the market, what hobbies, then according to the market demand to create a customer demand, through advertising to change the customer's interests, or to set up the new consumption concept. A: metal stamping parts inspection in each process DE focus
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