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Metal stamping parts orders have come from?

by:Fortuna     2021-02-01
Hardware is specialized in stamping parts research and development, production and sales, professional testing equipment and strong product development capabilities, our customers spread all over the world and our stamping favored by domestic and foreign customers consistent high praise. Because specialty, we know more, let's take a little time to answer them briefly about some problems about stamping parts. ( 1) Q: how to avoid the problems of stamping parts rust? Answer: points several ways if it is a process of rust, we can try to consider phosphating and coating such as antirust oil. If it is rust products, we can through the blue or plating, etc. ( 2) Q: how to distinguish between stamping clearance to the naked eye big and small gap of the burr? A: stamping clearance is too large, bright belt is very narrow, sometimes even disappear, will usually fault zone is large, burr is big, very prone to tearing, normal blunt cutting surface can be clearly separated three area: fault zone, bright and round. Under the condition of stamping gap is too small will cause light band gaps, and burr, cutting quality can not reach the expected effect, tear even lead to bring in the light. ( 3) Q: stamping parts purchasing information are made from? A: we are metal stamping parts manufacturer has a certain visibility, because we have a certain scale, has a certain reputation in the industry, so our orders or can be, and now we order the basic is through old customer order, the old customer introduce new customer, and we are through the network promotion.
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