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Metal stamping parts packing

by:Fortuna     2021-02-10
The metal stamping parts packing generally can be divided into two kinds: 1. General packaging: metal stamping stamping parts production for blanking type ( It is only a single product) Use, using different packaging materials packaging packaging based on product requirements. 2. Disc type packing: stamping parts production for using the packaging material and design. Material and stamping parts in the design must take into account of the process usage ( Electroplating and the assembly) , adopted the receiving direction of clear, stamping unit and in accordance with the receiving direction set mould opening direction, so using the disc material-collecting when packing, it is very important to decide in the receiving direction. And packing number set is the factors affecting product quality and production efficiency is very important, how in does not affect the larger number of packaging design, the premise of the quality of the product is R& D personnel must pay attention to. General disc type packaging materials include: paper plates and plastic plates. The following formula to calculate the parts packing quantity and the size of the disk. Special remind: dongguan plastic hardware electronic co. , LTD. Is the pearl river delta the most professional precision metal stamping parts/SMD LED stent manufacturers, has the absolute advantage! The company's web site: contact: 18925751491 mr. li
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