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Metal stamping parts processing and common sense ( A)

by:Fortuna     2021-02-13
The basic principle of cold stamping, metal or nonmetal deformation under the external force, when external force exceed the material yield limit, began to plastic deformation, if the pressure to increase again. More than the ultimate strength of material, metal or nonmetal began to break apart, cold stamping this nature is to use metal, separate the materials at room temperature or deformation, and parts of the present situation and the required accuracy requirement is obtained. The advantage of cold stamping is under the impact of the punching machine, can get the status quo of complicated parts. After processing precision parts, size stability, good compatibility, under the condition of material loss not available light weight, good strength, good rigidity, and smooth appearance of parts, materials by 75% 85%, the materials used are mostly sheet or coil adopts mechanization and automation equipment more easily, high speed punch up to hundreds of pieces per minute, simple operation, low labor strength, under the condition of mass production, low production cost, cold punching defect is higher requirements to the mold, mold manufacturing complex, not suitable for small batch production. A: seat belt plastic wood stainless steel card buckle function is introduced
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