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Metal stamping parts processing and process control

by:Fortuna     2021-02-12
To prevent the waste in dongguan metal stamping parts processing key measures: a, for the each link should be stipulated in the technical process of comprehensive strictly obeyed; B, adhere to the civilization system of production, such as the workpiece and the transfer of a ware must use the appropriate workstation, otherwise will be crushed and scratch the surface of the workpiece surface affect the workpiece quality. C, established a strict inspection system in the process of production, stamping pieces must be comprehensive inspection, after inspection qualified can be put into production, at the same time, strengthen the inspection, when accidents should be handled in a timely manner; D, used by the press and die tooling equipment, should guarantee the normal work under the working state of e, in stamping process to ensure the mold cavity clean, to organize an organized workplace processed workpiece to be well organized. About the causes of waste in stamping parts processing and analysis. F, raw materials must be consistent with provisions of technical conditions, strict inspection specifications and grades of raw materials, in the case of conditional to require high dimensional accuracy and surface quality of workpiece in laboratory tests. Hardware products factory, professional dongguan metal stamping parts processing. A: metal stamping industry sustainable development?
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