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Metal stamping parts processing characteristics

by:Fortuna     2021-02-12
Steel all over the world, there are 60 ~ 70% is plank, most of which is made by stamping products. Car body, chassis, fuel tank, radiator fin, the boiler steam drum, container shell, motor, electric iron core silicon steel sheet stamping processing. Instruments and meters, household appliances, bicycles, office machinery, mobile phones, living utensils and other products, there are a large number of metal stamping parts. Metal stamping parts is one of the most commonly used in hardware, it is through the punch and die plate, strip, tubes and profiles, such as external force, to produce plastic deformation or separation, to obtain the required shape and size of the workpiece is metal stamping parts. Metal stamping parts and castings, forgings, compared with a thin, uniform, the characteristics of light and strong. Metal stamping parts stamping can make other methods are difficult to manufacture with reinforcing rib, rib flanging, ups and downs, or artifacts, in order to improve its stiffness. Because use precision mould, workpiece precision can reach micron grade, and repeat precision is high, the specification is consistent, can punch a hole nest, convex sets, etc. Metal stamping parts generally no longer by machining, or only need a small amount of machining. A: on the application of metal stamping parts processing
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