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Metal stamping parts processing requirements

by:Fortuna     2021-02-08
Metal stamping parts in the industry, or in the life has very extensive application. In the industry, can be used for punching in the whole auto industry. Stamping in the life, can be used for daily necessities, electrical appliances stamping. Metal stamping parts in our life is everywhere, and metal stamping parts is processed. Next, the author of the metal stamping factory for your metal stamping parts processing requirements. 1, chemical analysis, metallographic examination, material, the content of chemical elements in decision level of material grain size and uniformity, assessment materials of free cementite in the non-metallic inclusions, banded structure and the level of material defects such as shrinkage cavity, porosity. 2, check stamping parts processing materials mainly is hot rolled or cold rolled ( Mainly cold-rolled) Of metal materials, metal stamping parts raw materials should have quality certificate, it guarantees material conform to the provisions of the technical requirements. When there is no certificate of quality or for other reasons, metal stamping parts manufacturer can choose materials according to the need for the reinspection. 3, the forming performance test was carried out on the material bending test, cupping test, determination of material strain hardening index n value and plastic strain ratio r value and so on, the other on steel sheet formability test method, can according to the provisions of the sheet metal forming performance and test methods. 4, hardness testing the hardness of metal stamping parts adopt the rockwell hardness tester. Small, stamping parts with complex shape, can be used to test the plane is small, can't test on ordinary desktop rockwell hardness tester. 5, other performance requirements determine the electromagnetic properties of the materials and the determination of coating, coating adhesion ability, etc.
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