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Metal stamping parts processing tolerance standard

by:Fortuna     2021-02-12
Dongguan metal stamping parts, stamping mold cavity and core processing size in addition to D = M ( 1+S) The formula to calculate the basic size, but also a problem of machining tolerance. By convention, the mould machining tolerance for 1/3 of the plastic parts tolerance. But as a result of plastic shrinkage rate range and stability of each have differences, first of all must be determined to rationalize different plastic forming parts of size tolerance. By shrinkage range is larger or shrinkage rate stability is poorer parts of plastic forming size tolerance should be bigger. Otherwise it may appear a large number of size out-of-tolerance waste. In view of this situation, the tolerance of the size of plastic parts specially developed countries standards or industry standards. China has also developed ministry professional standards. But not in the corresponding mold cavity size tolerance. Specially developed in the German national standard parts size tolerance DIN16901 standards and the corresponding DIN16749 criteria of mold cavity dimension tolerance. This standard has a great influence in the world, thus to provide a reference for the plastic mold industry. ( Dongguan hardware stamping parts) On an essay: introduction to the concept and design principle of the metal stamping
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