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Metal stamping parts production of how to choose the suitable tonnage? The designer is worth a look

by:Fortuna     2021-02-01
Metal stamping parts stamping die in the press, punch press tonnage choice is very important, tonnage choose too much waste of cost, tonnage is too small will affect the quality of stamping parts. Reasonable choice punch need tonnage calculation, formula is as follows: metal stamping press tonnage = blanking force + blank material force, stripping force + forming blanking forces: P = T * L * (K Unit: N) Note: blanking force P, T material thickness, K, L cutting circumference shear strength ( SECC, (SPCC), in 330, SGCC shear coefficient SUS shear coefficient according to the 660 cases: metal stamping parts manufacture material thickness is 1 mm, if you need to cutting a length * width is 700 * 500 specifications of the square hole, you should use how much force can be done? A: P = T * L * K, L = (T = 1 mm 700 + 500) * 2 = 2400毫米,K = 330 P = 1 * 2400 * 330 = 792000 n = 79。 2 t hardware stamping pressure force, stripping force general hardware stamping pressure is expected to force does not need to be calculated accurately, is usually carried out according to the size of the blanking force calculation, about thirty percent of the die cutting force. Stripping force when choosing tonnage, its size can be neglected. At design time, usually take about five percent of the blanking force. Metal stamping forming force: P1 = 0. 43*T*L1*K1( Unit: N) Note: P1 forming force, T material thickness, L1 bending length, K1, tensile strength, SECC, (SPCC), SGCC tensile coefficient according to the 300 ~ 350, SUS tensile coefficient in 350 ~ 400) Although the press tonnage calculation with several related, but is given priority to with blanking force, almost can ignore the rest of the force is calculated. And the size of the blanking force in addition to the material, hardness, perimeter thought itself, and the size of the blanking clearance, the machining accuracy of high and low also has a lot to do. Therefore, hardware stamping tonnage calculation is actually an approximation, is not very accurate, but can't completely accurate calculation. When choosing tonnage, tend to calculate the weight value plus twenty percent for use as a reserve force, on the blanking force is not enough to prevent the influence of metal stamping parts' Relevant recommendation 】 Details: how much do you know the new energy automotive stamping parts? Details: sharing details of stamping processing industry: precision metal stamping parts figure how to draw, please be aware that this several steps
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