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Metal stamping parts production requirements

by:Fortuna     2021-02-13
Stamping parts processing industry has developed rapidly in recent years, in the face of wide variety of stamping parts processing industry, how to maintain its own! The author thinks that improve the quality of metal stamping parts production to keep me company the development of the industry. What are the requirements for the metal stamping parts production? Together to see see! The shape of the 1, materials and hole shape of punching parts should strive to simple, symmetrical. As far as possible, use the rules such as circular or rectangular shape, should avoid long slot or slender cantilever structures. 2, the structure of blanking pieces size necessary to consider the thickness of the material. 3, blanking pieces of the straight line and straight line, curve and linear junction, all application round arc connection, in order to avoid crossing Angle of stress concentration and crack generation. 4, bending shape should be symmetrical, must not be smaller than the minimum bending radius of the material to allow bending radius. 5, short not easy forming curved edge, reason should be for the edge of the bend straight department H & gt; 2δ。 If asked H is very short, the need to set aside the appropriate to increase the allowance H, good bending after all increase of metal cutting. A: the key point of metal stamping parts inspection in each process
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