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Metal stamping parts products application in daily life

by:Fortuna     2021-01-30
Metal stamping parts are widely used in every aspect of our lives, is closely related to our daily life. Stamping parts: 1, daily necessities, such as stainless steel pot, stainless steel barrel, pliers wrench are metal stamping parts, etc. Such as basin, barrel shape will need to use the inside of the stamping tensile technique, stretching from the literal meaning to understand is that pull stretching. Drawing process is the same metal plates to make use of drawing machine and mold processing. 2, household electrical appliances stamping parts, such as computer mainframe shell, televisions, air conditioners shell, electric rice cooker cooking inside the metal tank, etc. Three small parts, home appliances, mainly contains all electric parts, such as color tube gun parts, as well as the small home appliance parts, all kinds of structure and function, etc. 4, vehicle stamping parts, such as: cars, boats, planes, etc. , there are many metal parts inside. These components are usually not piecing together and welding for welding, such as weak and poor appearance, so you need to make it as a whole, you need to become an integral part of the product metal materials, shape and size are you want. You need to use metal stamping processing technology. 5, other parts: mainly include instrumentation parts, IT parts, acoustics and camera parts, modern office with parts, etc. Co. , LTD. , dongguan city, focused on stamping customization 17 years. , with high quality products and after-sales service to impress customers. In 17 years, and always put mould development in priority, independent mould research and development team, professional mold production, one station development, advantages, led. Continued for many years, communications, metal products for home appliance subsidiary company and car company offers all kinds of custom hardware, stretching pieces. 【 Relevant recommendation 】 Details: metal stamping parts in the process of design should pay attention to the details of what? Details: automotive stamping parts debugging and mid-cooling die what are the requirements? Details: metal stamping parts processing should follow the principle of what?
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