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Metal stamping parts purchasing into a global trend

by:Fortuna     2021-02-13
Domestic metal processing market is developing rapidly in recent years, especially some hardware processing factory which specializes in the production of automobile metal stamping parts in the scale of production gradually expand, order more and more, and most are from foreign auto makers. Current automotive metal stamping parts of industrial organization structure is changing gradually, more and more oems will be auto parts global sourcing. While China has become a low value-added manufacturing center and labor-intensive products, China's Labour costs compared to Europe and the United States has obvious advantages, is an important factor to attract global car companies. Future Chinese auto metal stamping industry should be in the product technology content and improvements on the scale level of the enterprise, in order to seize the opportunity, meet the development requirements of the global procurement. China's 11th five-year plan, the automotive industry related content focus on key areas metal stamping parts in automobile industry competitiveness, promote independent brand share, energy conservation, environmental protection, etc. Main content includes: strengthen auto industrial independent innovation ability, speed up the development with independent intellectual property rights of automobile engine, automotive electronics, key assembly and automotive stamping parts. Give play to the role of backbone enterprises, improve the independent brand passenger car market share. Encourage the development of the use of energy conservation and environmental protection and new fuel cars. Guide the enterprise merger and reorganization in the competition, to form a number of capacity of millions of enterprises. In reference to 'the revitalization of northeast China and other old industrial base', points out that the construction of automobile base. When referring to 'promote the rise of the central region', also points out that to support the development of automobile, etc. The equipment manufacturing industry. Put forward at the same time, increase the intensity of automobile fuel economy standards, speed up the elimination of old transport equipment; Develop alternative liquid fuel standard, the positive development of substitutes for oil products; Production are encouraged to use energy efficient products; Increase the intensity of automobile exhaust treatment. Believe in the vigorously support of national policy, the domestic hardware processing and the development of the market especially metal stamping parts will be on a new level. A: on the networking hardware stamping parts sales
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