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Metal stamping parts quality analysis

by:Fortuna     2020-04-07
Metal stamping parts quality analysis of the common defects are: metal stamping parts of blanking pieces deformation, burr, etc. ; The bending crack, warp and surface scratch, angular distortion, etc. ; Deep drawing parts of flange buckling, deep drawing, wall wrinkling, deep drawing wall damage, cracking, etc. ; Flanging crack, bulging not divide evenly, and so on. Methods to prevent and eliminate defects are: mold design to have reasonable intensive gap value, radius and machining precision, etc. Design of bending die, should take effective measures to reduce springback, and minus the springback amount on the mold; Reasonable design of rounded corners, to prevent the bending crack. Drawing the circle with prevent wrinkling, and pressure to moderate; With proper lubrication drawing reduce the resistance and to prevent mould stick or make the workpiece to wear.
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