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Metal stamping parts should pay attention to

by:Fortuna     2021-02-11
Metal stamping parts to note 1. Metal stamping parts processing of materials mainly cold-rolled, hot-rolled, stainless steel, copper metal materials. 2. The advantage of stamping parts is on the premise of material consumption is not big, created by the stamping. Base parts are light weight, good toughness, and raw materials after plastic deformation, the organizational structure of the metal parts is improved, make the product strength increased. 3. Stamping parts in stamping process, due to the surface of the material are not destroyed, good surface quality, smooth and beautiful appearance, for the surface paint, electroplating, oxidation and other surface treatment provides a convenient conditions. 4. Stamping parts with high dimensional accuracy, with the module size uniform, good compatibility, does not need to be further mechanical processing to meet the requirements of the general assembly and use. A: design the principle of metal stamping parts
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