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Metal stamping parts springback factors and control method

by:Fortuna     2021-02-08
Precision electronic technology co. , LTD. , dongguan city, 30 years dedicated to precision metal stamping mold, precision metal stamping, precision mold processing field. Is a collection of precision metal mold design, manufacture, custom manufacturers. Learn from all kinds of metal stamping mold development and manufacturing experience, deep drawing mould is not good, because the material produce flow, and stamping the springback problem is sometimes very headache, there is no accurate reliable formula of springback, are generally not everyone by experience, according to different materials, different R Angle to compensate. So what's the factors affect metal stamping rebound? 1. Stamping material mechanical properties on cars have different intensity of metal stamping parts, from the ordinary plate to Gao Qiangban, different plates with different yield strength, yield strength is higher, the easier it is to appear the springback phenomenon, especially the DP series double phase of identity. 2. Stamping material in the process of forming, the thickness of sheet thickness on the bending performance has a great influence, with the increase of the thickness of the sheet metal, the springback phenomenon will gradually reduce, this is because with the increase of the thickness of the sheet metal, participate in the plastic deformation of the material increases, and elastic recovery deformation will increase, therefore, the springback smaller. With thick sheet metal parts material strength level unceasing enhancement, the springback parts dimensional accuracy problems caused by more and more serious, mold design and process debugging are required in the late part of the nature and size of the springback, in order to take corresponding countermeasures and remedy. 3. Stamping parts shape and the complexity of different parts in the shape of the springback difference is very big and complicated shape of the plastic parts tend to increase the order, to prevent the occurrence of springback phenomenon of forming is not in place, and more are part of the special shape parts easy to appear the springback phenomenon, such as u-shaped parts, based on the analysis of the forming process, the springback compensation issues must be considered. 4. Mould parts of stripper blank-holder force mould blank-holder force stripper stamping process is an important technological measures, through continuous optimization of blank holder force, can adjust the material flow direction, to improve the stress distribution inside the material. Increase of blank holder force can make parts drawing more fully, especially the parts sidewall and R Angle position, if fully, can reduce stress difference inside and outside, to reduce the springback. 5. Die mold drawbead drawbead has been widely applied in today's technology, reasonable setting the location of the drawing, can effectively change the direction of material flow and distribution of effective pressure on the surface of the feeding resistance, thus improve the material formability, prone to springback parts on drawbead, can make the parts forming more fully, the stress distribution more uniform, thereby the springback decrease. How to control the metal stamping parts stamping to reduce or eliminate springback springback best time is in the product design and mold development. With the aid of the early stage of the CAE springback analysis, accurately predict the springback amount, optimize the product design and process, use the product shape, craft and compensation to reduce springback. In hardware mold debugging stage, must be in strict accordance with the process analysis to the guidance of the test. Compared with ordinary SE analysis, analysis and correction of springback workload increased by 30% ~ 50%, but can greatly shorten the mould debugging period. Springback is closely related to drawing forming process. Under the condition of different drawing ( Tonnage, stroke, and feed rate, etc. ) , although no stamping forming problem, but the rebound after trimming will be more clearly apparent, springback analysis and forming analysis using the same software, but the key is how to set up the analysis parameters, and estimate the springback results are effective.
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