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Metal stamping parts stamping manufacturing technology

by:Fortuna     2021-02-02
The definition of metal stamping parts stamping technology of manufacturing stamping processing, stamping parts stamping using all kinds of pressure machines, provided by the slider blunt pressure, through a mold to finish all kinds of action, so as to make the material produces plastic deformation, made into different shapes in order to achieve the purpose of the parts of a manufacturing method. Stamping parts processing advantages: 1. High production efficiency, Compared with other metal processing methods) 2. Stable quality, Compared with common machining methods) 3. Low material consumption, Material consumption and tool consumption) 4. Stamping is suitable for mass production manufacturing technology is an advanced processing technology, stamping processing is to use all kinds of pressure machine, use the slider movement burst pressure, shear or through the mold to the processed material forming, make it become the stamping technology of a kind of method.
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