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Metal stamping parts, stamping processing materials have any requirements

by:Fortuna     2021-02-01
In selected stamping materials, not only to consider the application function, should also be satisfied with function of stamping process for processing and subsequent requests. Below take you to see the basis of stamping processing of data request as follows. 1, stamping parts exist good stamping molding machine for molding process, such as tensile, bending and a period of poor, convex hull, etc. , can data should exist good stamping molding machine, which should have a good break resistance, good post mode and setting, otherwise the product such as deformation, rupture easily, cause fix die hard. To process respectively, then the request data there will be plastic.   2, stamping parts are high quality data in the name of the name should be bright and smooth, without fault. In the name of the materials with good quality and molding is not easy to break, not easy to scratch the mold, the quality or in the name of the parts.   3, stamping material thickness tolerance should be accord with country scale due to must die gap only practical in thickness must be category information, if material thickness tolerance is too big; Not only directly affect the quality of the parts, can also lead to the finished product. In edit twists and turns, processes such as plastic, likely due to the thickness is too much deviation caused by mould or the destruction of the press.
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