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Metal stamping parts to reduce rejection rate, can start from these points

by:Fortuna     2021-02-09
Most of the metal stamping factory in the stamping parts machining, often appear high rejection rate. Now stamping industry is very competitive, profit has been compressed, if high rejection rate, a batch of orders do not only no profits but also may lose money. Solve the problem of metal stamping parts scrap rate is too high, is particularly important. Precision, the author gave us some ideas or can help to you. 1. Raw material quality closes nevertheless raw materials is very important in the processing of qualified stamping guarantee, if the raw materials do not conform to the requirements of the quality, such as hardness, surface then the corresponding stamping scrap rate would be too high. Especially for some form of variable larger stamping parts, raw materials if not qualified, can appear the phenomenon such as crack, damage. So, in the purchase of raw materials, must not covet is cheap, must find trustworthy normal material. 2. Unqualified stamping die stamping die installation does not conform to the specifications, resulting in stamping process upper die and lower die not good cooperate, caused a high rejection rate. Stamping die is the basis of processing stampings, in guarantee under the premise of mould is no problem, the installation is very important. Don't feel like installation of stamping die is very simple, even minor error can lead to production of stamping parts is waste. Installing a stamping die, concentricity, the clearance of lower die, flatness and so on all play a crucial role. 3. Mould appear wear away the use of stamping die in the long run, a worn or loose accessories, can also lead to product scrap. There are a lot of stamping factory, in did not installed after the mold to produce mould for routine inspection and maintenance, only when the burr is bigger when the mould will be removed a simple knife mouth. Little imagine, mould wear is not only a blade wear, and some die parts will appear wear away, with using these parts after wear and tear, will affect the precision of the mould. 4. Operation is not standard workers in the operation of the press, not according to the installation manual operation, or feeding error. 5, inaccurate positioning device in the process of feeding, mould positioning device is not accurate, can cause problems with each working procedure, can also lead to waste. In need of each type of metal stamping parts, stamping die is not the same, all, concrete reason and concrete analysis. When a stamping scrap rate is too high, please look for reasons from these aspects. Focus attention precision, share more knowledge of stamping.
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