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Metal stamping parts to reduce stamping concave and convex five methods

by:Fortuna     2021-02-13
Metal stamping parts to reduce the five methods for stamping parts stamping concave and convex concave and convex of a variety of reasons, we may adopt some corresponding countermeasures to reduce the topic probability to occur. Manufacturer in labor practice summarizes many teachings, although these methods fail to effective achievement, but if the continuous review and improvement in time, will get very good improvement achievement. Let's look at the five major way to reduce stamping concave and convex! 1, check and correction of drawing mould: drawing die need to do regular inspection and maintenance, in order to reduce the generation of convex concave and maintain a stable state. Common practice is to use the sample check pressure coil adhesive scratch and machined surface ( Die fillet, punch corner) In the case. 2, shear modulus of the examination and correction: after shearing process of convex concave reason is due to the shear produced in the process of iron powder, therefore must watch before stamping iron powder, avoid the happening of convex concave. Speed: 3, the appropriate manipulator for semi-automatic drawing mold production, when drawing punch in die position, dongguan hardware stamping manipulator speed quickly, burr will fall on the upper punch, convex concave. To avoid this problem, we can do parts of the discharging test before production, setting up reasonable speed and discharging Angle of the manipulator, it won't run into parts and mould. 4, check the truncation: truncation coil, will produce a lot of wear and tear to cutting mould attached to the blade tiny iron powder, so must be in before in dongguan hardware stamping parts stamping production material check double truncation surface area or press line, and the clean sheet metal to remove burrs. 5, sheet metal cleaning device check: before the stamping production required inspection and repair cleaning settled at the same time, the dongguan metal stamping parts so that it may be more effectively clean sheet, it is also a need to need, and also need to pay attention to the quality of the roll gap and cleaning oil. Method is in detail on a steel plate coated with red paint after wash settle its course, the current check red paint is undone before because of the shape, assume that removal rate is not up to standard, the required inspection and repair cleaning to settle. Cleaning oil when the lack of necessary cuts in a timely manner. The previous: the production of metal stamping parts quality requirements
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