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Metal stamping process

by:Fortuna     2021-02-10
A, cold stamping process is divided into separation process and forming process two kinds big separation process: blanking, punching, cutting, trimming, cutting forming process, bend, twist, roll round, deep drawing, double holes, flanging, bent, bulging, ups and downs, flaring, reducing, spinning, school 2, blanking is to use the mould to make sheet metal stamping process with the separation of 1, blanking is separation process, when the workpiece loading must begin from elastic deformation and plastic deformation, fracture. 2, shearing section is divided into four areas, namely the rounded belt, euphotic zone, fault zone and burrs. 3, good plastic material the euphotic zone, the plastic material with poor fault zone. 4, the influence of the clearance of hedge cutting parts: 1 & gt; 。 Quality refers to the blanking pieces cut surface quality, dimensional accuracy and shape error. 2 > 。 Clearance after hours, produce secondary shear, two head for the euphotic zone, in the end a burr, burr is increased, but easy to remove, and small dome bending parts, vertical section, so as long as the tear is not deep, still can be used. But the clearance after hours. The cutting force increases. Wear increases, reduces the die life. 3 > 。 Clearance is too large, the material easily torn, euphotic zone decreases, and the inclination of the cross section of fabrication and collapse Angle increases, burr's big and thick, difficult to remove. The main factors influencing the material clearance value is the material properties and thickness of the material, the more hard the more thick, reasonable clearance value is required. 5, reduction of blanking force method: 1 & gt; 。 Material heating red blunt ( Suitable for thick plate or workpiece surface quality of parts and the accuracy is not high) 。 2 > 。 In a multiple punch die, punch stepped arrangement. 3 > 。 With inclined blade die cutting. Three, bending is sheet metal. Bar stock. Tube material or shaped bent into a certain shape and Angle of parts forming method 1, the phenomenon of sheet metal bending: 1 & gt; 。 Bending part of the elastic rebound: material outer edge into the plastic deformation, the deformation of sheet metal is still in elastic state, and always accompanied by elastic deformation of metal plastic deformation. 2 > 。 Factors affecting springback amount: (on the mechanical properties of the material The greater the material hardening exponent is smaller, the springback) The smaller the R/T, after bending springback, the greater the bending Angle, the greater the springback, the greater the 3 & gt; 。 Bending area sheet thickness thinning: the smaller R/T, the greater the degree of deformation, bending the thinning phenomenon more serious. 4 > 。 Sheet length increases. 5 > 。 Sheet metal cross section distortion. Warping and cracking. 2, the spread of bending parts 1 & gt; 。 Strain neutral layer: sheet metal bending, the outer fiber tensile, compression of inner fiber, the tensile and compression between a neither elongation or compression fiber layer, called the strain neutral layer. 2 > 。 Bending parts design time can be bent according to the principle of constant strain neutral layer length before and after to determine the bending length and size. Precision stamping factory professional to provide precision parts, and pure, beautiful, inexpensive, stamping parts, by the exquisite mold technology to provide you with the best quality mould and products. Products widely used in mobile phones, computers, automotive, medical and other fields.
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