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Metal Stamping Process Design


For the metal stamping process, mainly involves the process analysis of stamping parts and the development of the process plan of these two aspects of the content, the following is a detailed introduction to these two aspects:

1. Stamping process design

Stamping process design is the specific stamping parts, first from its production batch, structural shape, size, accuracy requirements and raw material selection, etc., the process review of stamping, if necessary, put forward modification suggestions, and then according to the specific production conditions, and comprehensive analysis and study of several aspects of the influencing factors, so as to develop a feasible, economical and reasonable technology plan. Including the determination of the number of processes, the arrangement of the sequence of processes, the determination of the combination of processes and the determination of the mold type, equipment specifications and process quotas related to the realization of the process content. Therefore, the process design of stamping is essentially the development of stamping process regulations.

2. Formulation of process plan

As a technical document expressing the content of process design, the stamping process specification is not only the basis for production preparation, but also an important basis for mold design department to design and production management department to direct production. The preparation of stamping process procedures is a rigorous and complex technical work, which has an important impact on product quality, cost, production efficiency and reducing labor intensity and ensuring safe production. The reasonable preparation and design of stamping process regulations is an indispensable important technical work before stamping production.

In actual production, in order to prepare a reasonable stamping process procedures, not only requires the process designer himself should have good process design knowledge and rich practical experience in stamping production, but also requires the process designer to work closely with product designers, mold designers, mold manufacturing workers and stamping production workers in actual work. Timely adoption of rationalization suggestions, and constantly learn from the advanced experience at home and abroad, and run through it into the process design. At the same time, in the analysis and development of process regulations, from the specific production conditions of the stamping parts factory, comprehensive factors, to develop a reasonable stamping process regulations.

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