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Metal stamping processing automation system

by:Fortuna     2021-02-15
Stamping process automation system including the delivery of raw materials, stamping process and testing, replacement and installation of stamping die, waste transportation, processing each link, etc. In the stamping process automation system design, should according to the shape of the processed products, size, precision requirement, production batch and form elements such as raw materials used in processing, determine a reasonable automated stamping processing system. According to these factors, to determine the mode of feeding device, automatic way and the degree of automation, etc. In addition to the above factors should be considered, but also to consider the following several aspects. ( 1) The shape of the raw materials, such as coil, pick-up, sheet, strip, bar, semi-finished products and other secondary processing materials, etc. ( 2) Number processing methods and processes, such as a single process, composite process or continuous processing, etc. ( 3) Operation sequence, such as processing or secondary processing, etc. ( 4) The type and amount of stamping equipment, such as single or many sets of press press, etc. Stamping automation processing system according to the materials form is different, can divide again to use continuous material system ( Such as coil, and materials) And the use of a single material system ( If a certain size of plate, semi-finished products and other secondary processing with materials) Two categories. A: the introduction of green stamping
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