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Metal stamping, sensor elastomer, metal stamping parts

by:Fortuna     2020-04-04
Detailed hardware stamping parts using the punch and die is stainless steel, iron, aluminum, copper plate and heterosexual wood make it out of shape or craze, arrived with must shape and specification of a skill. Sheet metal stamping parts sometimes called forming, but a little difference. Sheet forming refers to the use thin plate, thin wall pipe, profiles, etc. As the original data. Method of plastic forming, collectively known as the sheet metal forming, at the moment, the direction of the plate deformation usually focus on consideration. Stamping die, it is in cold stamping processing, information processing into parts of a kind of special skills and equipment, called cold stamping die. Stamping, it is at room temperature, using the installed in the press mold to pressure on the data, a separation or plastic deformation, the attacks and then obtain the needed parts of a pressure processing method. Metal stamping parts undesirable elements from the following points, in the process of metal stamping should be careful the following causes adverse factors: 1, crushed because of die or mould scraps out foreign body in it is pressed on the goods. The main reason: a. Die blanking hole is too large, metal stamping punch and waste under the stress of vacuum pull fall between hole and jump into the mold, when goods metal stamping again left bruised. b。 Burr scraps out of commodities in mold making crushed. c。 Data have remaining impurities metal stamping when crushed. d。 Other scraps for some reason falls into the mould which crushed. 2. Specification of bad a. Mold design is processed or bad cause undesirable, such bad fruit usually occurs in the first time. b。 Frame die height adjustment position at the time of mold, metal stamping mold cannot reach the designated position, the spec, or after regulator module not lock die, metal stamping mold high run away. c。 Loose mold positioning, when commodity orientation deviation, metal stamping to cause bad specification. d。 Operations, such as location not to good, when a heavy piece make mould space increases, the specification. 3. Goods to scrape a. Information ontology scratch, yield when not careful and yield. b。 In the process of the goods being careful protection, was scratched in the process of turnover. c。 Revolving method is not reasonable, commodity display non-standard commodity easy to scrape. 4. A leakage process. Produce mould frame into a production line, semi-finished products marked shortage, operator not clear work standing order with wrong semi-finished products less work station. b。 Operators don't carefully when working, has not been the impact of commodity flow to the next working procedure.
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