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Metal stamping stretch forming process

by:Fortuna     2021-02-08
We all know that stretching is the main one of stamping process, its wide application. By drawing process can be made into cylindrical, rectangular, step, spherical and conical, parabola and other irregular shape thin-walled parts. Next, the author of the dongguan metal stamping factory is introduce you to the metal stamping stretch forming process. 1, stretching processing: use clamp device, the use of convex die pressure and pull part or all of the flat plate into the concave cavity model, make forming for the bottom of the container. Vessel wall and tensile direction parallel processing, is a simple drawing processing, for cone ( Or horn) Containers, the semi-spherical containers and parabolic surface vessel such as tensile processing, which also contains the expansion form for processing. 2, stretching processing: deep drawing of a stretching processing can't complete products, the tensile process of forming products need to be stretched again, in order to increase the depth of forming the container. Before 3, reverse drawing processing: process of reverse tensile drawing workpiece, workpiece inside into the outside, and make the processing to the smaller diameter. 4, thin stretching processing: with the punch forming container squeeze into smaller than vessel diameter concave cavity model, make with bottom of the vessel diameter smaller, thinning of the wall thickness at the same time, eliminate both wall thickness deviation, the surface is smooth and container. Precision tensile factory main products are: precision stampings, stretching pieces, cars (tensile, lighting accessories, metal shrapnel. Processed products used in: electronics, electrical appliances, sports equipment, automotive, packaging, machinery parts. 。 。 。 。 。 。 Stretching pieces factory processing of stretching more than more than these. Tensile) is used widely, not just industry, have made people's life.
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