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Method to avoid damage of metal stamping parts

by:Fortuna     2020-04-05
Method to avoid damage of metal stamping parts of metal stamping die using lifespan related to many factors, mold selection of steel, mold structure design, machine processing, heat treatment, surface treatment, grinding, wire cutting process, stamping equipment, materials and stamping parts processing, mold lubrication and maintenance level and so on. Metal stamping parts after installation should pay attention to maintenance, prevent damage of rust. In peacetime use light off light when you need to open, don't cry because it is too tight, but gets broken stampings, damage. Here is a method to avoid damage of stamping parts. In type, specification and function of hardware fittings in accordance with the current national scale and the relevant designated, and match the selection of window of model steel door. For push-pull window width is more than 1 meter, or installed double glass doors and Windows, set the best double pulley, or choose to move the pulleys. Friction hinge should use stainless steel material, it is best not to adopt aluminum alloy material. Installation of metal stamping parts, with fastening screws required with internal metal liner, liner thickness should be greater than fasteners teeth at least twice the distance. Can not be tightened on the plastic material, more can't use non-metallic backing board. Metal stamping parts gold should be installed at last, door lock, shake handshandle should be after the doors into the window frame assembly again, guarantee the accuracy of the position, switch is quick. After the installation of metal stamping parts must pay attention to maintenance, don't run into water, prevent rust erosion. In daily use to light off light, prevent hard off the hard drive, damage. It not only push and pull up and there is no noise, and more smooth, lightweight, use life is long.
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