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Microporous stamping die is how to carry out heat treatment

by:Fortuna     2021-02-09
In order to prolong the service life of microporous stamping die, hardness, wear resistance, strength and reduce the manufacturing cost of precision stamping die, usually will die for heat treatment. Normally just in microporous mold heat treatment to the heating and cooling process. Before precision stamping die heating will die in a sealed underground pit type furnace, again add carbon-rich liquid on the fire; ( This liquid can be decomposed into carbon atoms in the high temperature infiltration microporous mold) 。 Then put the mould in has good preheating temperature of heating furnace, such as a period of time to the preset temperature, then heat preservation for a period of time, finally take out the mould. Remove the perforated metal mould into the cooling pool, here are hardening in cooling mode. Quenching in the pool with water solution or oil, punching mould put in a period of time after it is taken out; Again through the high frequency machine heating ( It is 50 hz frequency electric current super power machine of 200 hz) To complete quenching process. Only in the microporous stamping mold heat treatment to the heating and cooling, heat treatment is generally has three working procedure, respectively is: heating, heat preservation, cooling.
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