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Microporous stamping process the material biting blunt needle

by:Fortuna     2021-02-08
In the stainless steel mesh, pores, holes, microporous stamping if you encounter blunt needle is material biting the problem? Focus Yu Chongkong forming dongguan tells you how to solve the blunt needle be material bite taken out of the question. If stainless steel microporous stamping blunt needle was grabbed by raw materials, take not to go out, can according to the following method to check; Find a solution. The punch, lower die grinding again. Sharp tooth surface of mould can produce work out good-looking disconnect surface, tooth surface is blunt, it must be additional pressure, and mesh cross section is not smooth, cause a lot of resistance, lead to blunt needle was bitten by raw materials. The mould gap. Mould if relativity of thickness to choose right is not suitable for the gap, blunt needle must want to have a lot of get rid of the raw material in the mould. If be this reason to blunt needle bitten by raw materials, changing the effective clearance of lower die, please. Stamping processing of raw materials. When raw materials to make dirty or have besmirch, sordid things adhesion to the mold, prompting blunt needle bitten by raw materials to production and processing. Excessive use of spring. Would lead to exhaustion of yellow. To regularly check the performance of the spring. A deformation of raw materials. Increases after raw materials in the hole, will clamping blunt needle, prompting blunt needle to bite. Rise of raw materials, please make leveling pores of the reentry after stamping processing.
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