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Mobile electronic signal shield

by:Fortuna     2021-02-09
Mobile electronic signal shield: shield, English name: shields cover/case/bracket (1) the design of mobile electronic signal shield must satisfy the product use and technical performance, and easy to assemble and replacement. 2 design of mobile electronic signal shield must be beneficial to improve the utilization rate of metal materials, reduce material varieties and specifications, as far as possible, reduce the consumption of materials. In the permission of using cheap materials, as far as possible make the parts do not waste and waste less cutting. (3) the design of mobile electronic signal shield must shape is simple and reasonable structure, in order to help simplify the mould structure, simplify the process, which is the least, the most simple stamping process to complete the entire parts processing, reduce processing with other methods, and is advantageous to the stamping operations, is advantageous for the organization to realize mechanization and automation production, in order to improve labor productivity. (4) design of mobile electronic signal shield, in can ensure normal use case, make dimensional precision lower level and the surface roughness level requirements, and promotes the exchange of products, reduce scrap, guarantee the stability of product quality. 5] design of mobile electronic signal shield, should be conducive to try to use the existing equipment, process equipment and technological process for machining, and is helpful to extend the service life of die.
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