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Mobile phone micro motor shell stamping size variation

by:Fortuna     2021-02-02
Mobile phone micro motor shell stamping parts, with the increased amount of mobile phone market, its demand stamping parts have also been on the increase. Focuses on efficient production, and quality control is particularly important. In order to solve problems quickly and efficiently, to resume production, dongguan precision through several years of production experience, summed up the impact mobile phone micro motor shell stamping size variation for the following reasons. 1, the blade abrasion: feather is too big or bigger size ( Cut shape) ; Smaller ( Punching) ; Flatness is not good. Grinding or replace the die again. 2, no guide: guide pin or other positioning device is not working, feeder did not relax or guide pin diameter is not I, not correct guidance. Positioning block wear, long distance. 3, die too short: camber, chamfering, forming an incomplete. 4, escape hole is not enough: extrusion or enclosed injury or deformation. Clean up the escape hole or increase the hole and depth. 5, out enough: article material, the material of poor bending, stripping and mould puller, lengthen out. 6, ejection: top pin configuration is undeserved, inappropriate or head had long spring force. Adjust the elastic or a change in position or pin number; Short pin mill to cooperate. 7, poor feed: guide plate length is not I or guide material clearance is too large, or die and feeding machine deflection or die with feeder distance is too long. 8, blanking deformation: can't allow material overlapping part of bending parts, must drop at a time, or available disc strain pressure pad or oblique cut overcome a. 9, bending deformation: WanWanChu on crowded; Uneven deformation and stress distribution near holes pull force to bend a tilting punch wasn't long enough. 10, punching and shearing deformation: material distortion, size or eccentric asymmetry.
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