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Mobile phone open mold manufacturability of shielded enclosure

by:Fortuna     2021-02-10
Product material: shield materials commonly used the cupronickel C7521R - Brand status thickness (1/2 h MM) The tensile strength sigma b ( MPa) Vickers hardness HV C75211/2 ht = 0. 15. 20440 ~ 570120 ~ 180 second, the product structure of shielded enclosure 1, square shield design must have the counter-attack, Is the best center is symmetrical, packaging with arbitrary) 。 (1) when packaging products easy to package in the wrong direction, (2) the product is easy to stick a wrong patch. 2, local gap is too small, generally the narrowest of 0. 8MM; (1) the mould manufacturing cycle will lengthen, making the traveler. (2) the mold production, the strength of the punch is weak, easily damaged spare parts processing cycle is long may affect the shipment. 3, the following material edge bending side of more than a hour: Ⅰ will open to the bending edge cutting blade; Ⅱ will cutting edge to the bending edge remaining material added to greater than or equal to 0. 5MM。 1) materials from the bending edge is less, not convenient product pressure molding, product easy to deformation. 4, the product surface of the cooling hole, suggested that choose 30 1. 0mm, ∮1. 2mm, ∮1. 5mm, ∮2. 0 mm standard. 1) company with standard parts of these common Kong Chong needle, can shorten the mould manufacturing cycle. (2) the amount during, round blunt damage can change right away, does not affect the delivery of the goods. 5, square flange clearance twenty percent shield phase material thickness is not equal to the product. 1) product coining, two products easy to buckle together. (2) the best clearance as follows: 0. 15 H < < T 6, on foot outside the band products: (1) when doing reliability test and the maximum stress of shielded enclosure area plus external on foot force on both ends of the longest diagonal. Suggested that (1) long. Don't need to be within 25 mm wide and on foot. (2) width within 25 ~ 35 mm add two on foot, on the product of the diagonal, (3) outside the width is greater than 35 mm plus four parties, feet, and on the diagonal. ( 2) Grilled outside foot length and width size in 1. 0 to 1. 2MM*1. 5 ~ 2. 5 mm is suitable. (1) the length is too long easy to deformation, and takes PCB space. (2) the width is too small intensity, the worse is easy to deformation on foot. 2 solder resistance, in the end of the on foot processing concave semicircle shape, can strengthen the intensity of solder. 7, advice, product do not use on foot. (1) within the product on foot strength is weak, variability, affect the solder. (2) is not convenient to test the flatness of the product. (3) will increase the working station of mould on foot, increase the length of the mould, even more difficult for production.
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