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Mobile phone shell progressive die design considerations

by:Fortuna     2021-02-02
Note 1) mobile phone shell progressive die design Mobile phone shell progressive die design for the system's point of view, from aspects of composition of stamping, die manufacturing of large system of determining the progressive die structure and parts, should attach great importance to the role of practical experience. To be realistic, establish practical mould scheme, at the same time to consider the existing mould manufacturing, stamping production condition. 2) Mobile phone shell progressive die design. Progressive die structure is complex, difficult to design, the high cost of manufacturing, cycle is long, so the design should adhere to the scientific, rigorous, pragmatic, careful analysis and detailed planning, make reasonable design, convenient manufacture and meets the requirement, to fully understand the requirements of product parts processing and mould manufacturing and conditions of use. 3) Mold design and manufacturing has the characteristics of technology-intensive, closely related to the design and manufacture. Since the product market competition and the development of computer technology, the mobile phone shell electronic products manufacturing cycle is shortened, the requirement of mold design and manufacturing cycle more and more short, therefore, mold design and manufacture of the intersection of parallel has become inevitable.
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