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Mobile phone shell stamping die stripper group

by:Fortuna     2021-02-03
Mobile phone shell stamping die stripper assemblage: 1, mobile phone shell stamping die off board vice guide pin hole circumference R0. 5 and polishing. 2, take off the board on the back of the guide plate must place the edges and corners of R0. 5 and polishing. Into the block box opening pressure is expected to face gently with 400 # oil stone removal feather but not Angle. 3, take off the board positive guide pin hole and guide pin BUSH hole circumference R0. 2 and polishing, into the block box into surface C0. 5 and polishing, hang way C0 ridge. 5. 4, cell phone shell stamping mold off the boards on the back of the guide plate yielded in the ridge R0. 5 and polishing. Positive C0 around at the entrance of the punch is going to fall. 2 to 0. 5, put a guide pin and guide pin BUSH hole circumference R0. 2 and polishing, take off into the block can try clean punch into the boards on 5, will take off in two parallel boards, vice guide pin from the front into lightly. ( Pay attention to the guide pillar fixed screw hole template teeth relative position of the holes) 6 until the cross of the guide post on shoulder from the plate surface and positive death without aperture, use the M4 * 15. 0 screws. ( Note the perpendicularity of the guide post) 7 above, guide plate peripheral ridge C0. 2 to 0. 5, the following C0. 1 ( Also can only remove burrs) The entrance to pour R0, feed direction. 5 and polishing, easy to feed. ( Pay attention to the trimming keep-off place not chamfer) Φ4。 0 positioning hole circumference C0. 5 and polishing, Φ 4. Above zero positioning pin from the feed plate type, alignment until out of guide plate is about 0. 5 so far, will wear off excess length. 8, combination of guide plate and the lower template. 9, will take off the plate and the lower die and mould, at this time the template and the board should be closed without clearance. ( With 0. 01, however, silicon steel sheet inspection clearance material area except) 10, try to cell phone shell stamping die punch through the plate into the lower die off cuts, check whether there is interference, interference phenomenon need to make the dimensional check processing, if any, and confirm the block size and into the block into the firmness. 11, all can smoothly enter the lower die punch, try to cut thin copper ( 0. 05mm) Or tissue paper, and then in the real material of a microscope sections of tearing sections, cut surface proportion size. To make 12, mobile phone shell stamping die clearance section of material around is good.
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