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Mobile phone shielding cover five abnormal quality

by:Fortuna     2021-02-09
Principle of mobile phone shielding cover: using shield components, circuit, assembly, cable or the interference sources of the whole system surrounded by anti interference of electromagnetic field diffusion; With the shield will be receiving circuit, equipment or system surrounded by preventing them from affected by external electromagnetic fields. Mobile shield material usually adopt 0. 2 mm thick of stainless steel and the copper material, in which the copper is a kind of easy tin metal shielding material. Our company production of mobile phone shielding case size strictly control at zero. 02 mm tolerance range to ensure the performance of its easy to tin, and excellent shielding effect. Mobile phone shielding cover five abnormal one: quality inside and outside surface, inside and outside bend side crushed: two kinds of circumstances, 1) Waste holes jump, waste macroporous jump: long production lead to punch edge wear gap, cannot be stuck waste, caused crushed by the punch out of the mold surface ( 2) Cuttings crushed: punch and blade gap is too big or too small to produce cuttings scattered mould surface. Materials in leveling machine and feeder, because dust machine with small iron can crushed products directly. 2: product holes cut mouth burrs and cut and fold the burr: punch and blade gap caused by burrs or punch to the side, and burr and no burr. Our mobile phone the last step of shielded enclosure some cut and fold structure, the punch production for a period of time after wear, easy to produce burr. In the last step because no pressure or bending punch to pull material, product odor caused more cut cut less, less adverse side stick out would be caused by the size. In the last step for guide pin puller sometimes be break, bending cut size will cause instability. 3: product less positive side hole: didn't punch tensile and shearing oil production; Holes waste because go too much stuck in the hole leakage, lead to blocking the punch broken; Shoes or shift plug hole leakage; Suction funnel stem leakage will break the punch hole. Four: the outer and inner buckle bending Angle: zhang, mold not killed; Die internal pressure big waste, products; Bending punch and insert clearance greatens; Bending insert embossing worn or crash will cause Angle outward. The clasp, mould pressure too; Bending insert embossing is too high; Bending punch and insert clearance Angle is too small will cause the buckle. Five: the side scratch: bending punch or bending insert wear; Bending punch and insert gap is too small; Bending punch and insert card has waste; Come on less will lead to scratch, etc.
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