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Mobile relay socket shrapnel hidden killer

by:Fortuna     2021-02-09
The hidden killer of mobile relay socket shrapnel mobile relay socket shrapnel if there is a potential safety problems, serious accidents may cause fire, electric shock, etc. In order to improve the security performance of the plug socket, last October, China promulgated the new mandatory national standards, and will be officially began in April 2017. Mobile relay socket shrapnel hidden killer, where there are? Is a hidden killer: wire carefully in the process of risk monitoring found that part of the mobile relay socket shrapnel wire carefully, there are corners, the issues that led to the wire to go easily after the electricity, because temperature rising too fast, ignition products shell, causing a fire hazard. Hidden killer. 2: flame retardant performance is not up to standard in addition, some mobile lug plate materials for flame retardant performance is not up to standard, once encounter fire, unable to stop the fire spreading, easy to cause fire. Hidden killer 3: the leakage risk of leakage is mobile lug plate is another kind of security problems. For example, some products not in accordance with the standard requires the use of grounding device, etc. At the same time, there are some product design is not reasonable because it is over, there is also the possibility of leakage. These products for consumers, especially children, is a great potential safety hazard, so the damage accidents happen occasionally. According to concerning sectional statistic, in our country the number of children each year for electrocution of 10 children accidental deaths. 6%. Substandard lug plate increases the risk of users get an electric shock. So, in life, we should how to correctly use mobile socket? 1) be sure to buy a new national standard socket, don't countries banning the production of choose and buy of hole socket. The new national standard of three-phase jack socket is separated from two phase socket, there are five hole; Universal hole socket three-phase jack and two-phase jack together, there are three holes. (2) avoid 'small horse-drawn cart. Lug plate has rated current, cannot use overload, or the socket will be fever, damage the electrical appliances and even cause fire. Pay special attention to, do not use air conditioning, high-power microwave ovens small household electrical appliances in the rated current value of the socket. 3. Don't drag when unplug the power cord, so easy to pull the power cord and plug connection parts, and short circuit, leakage, fire and electric shock accidents. (4) socket, change in time when you plug or aging. 5. Change the plug size and shape of avoid by all means. This will lead to plug and socket contact undesirable, damage to household appliances as well as the plug socket and even cause fire. 6. Put an end to the power lead directly use plug in the socket. Dongguan precision electronic technology co. , LTD. , established in January 2008, is a professional design and manufacture of precision stamping die and precision hardware stamping ODM/OEM professional manufacturers. 1. 1 we can processing relay shrapnel minimum thickness of 0. 8 mm material, thickness of 0. 16 mm machining accuracy of the material mould level a higher than normal level. 1. 2 high quality relay shrapnel section finish: for relay contact surface roughness of the impedance of the spirit is smaller, the less the surface wear, more durable products. We produce terminal surface brightness, more than 98%. 1. 3 relays to control the shrapnel flash small: general relays to control the shrapnel burrs in 0. Within 4 mm, but our company production of relay shell can be controlled at 0. 02, so not to plastic when it is assembled and relay contact between shell down the gold-plated surface, not conducive to the stability of the conductive.
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