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Mold manufacturing conditions and technical level of metal stamping parts

by:Fortuna     2021-03-06
Whether the stamping parts processing plant has a great influence on the process design and mold design for the manufacturing conditions and technical level of the metal stamping parts mold; before producing the metal stamping parts, it is necessary to fully consider the factory's mold making ability and its habits The processing method provides a feasible basis for the formulation of the metal stamping parts process plan and the structural design of the mold; generally speaking, if the stamping parts processing plant has poor mold-making capabilities, it is not appropriate to use the composite stamping or continuous stamping process plan to avoid The manufacturing of composite molds or progressive molds fails to meet the design requirements. On the contrary, if the mold making conditions and technical level of the factory are high, and the metal stamping parts are produced in large quantities, multi-process composite stamping or multi-station should be used Continuous stamping process plan to meet the requirements of mass production of metal stamping parts; stamping parts mold manufacturing conditions and technical level, mainly refer to mold processing equipment conditions, heat treatment and technical inspection conditions, mold materials, specifications and standard parts supply Status, the processing and assembly skills of the mold makers, etc.; Recommended article: Does the choice of metal raw materials affect the processing technology of stamping parts? Previous post: What is the basic content of the punching design of the stamping parts processing plant?
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